Ratings Roundup

For the weekend of the November 23-25, here’s how the box office did (courtesy of Yahoo movies):


Click the image above for a higher resolution version

And over in TV land, the Nielsen ratings for the week ending November 25.

1. Dancing with the Stars – Mon (ABC)

2. Sunday Night Football (NBC)

3. Dancing with the Stars – Tues (ABC)

4. Desperate Housewives (ABC)


6. House (FOX)

7. 60 Minutes (CBS)

8. CSI: Miami (CBS)

9. Criminal Minds (CBS)

10. Extreme Makeover (ABC)

11. CSI (CBS)

12. CSI: NY (CBS)

13. Samantha Who? (ABC)

14. Two and a Half Men (CBS)

15. Grey’s Anatomy (ABC)

16. Cold Case (CBS)

17. Sunday Night Pre-Kick (NBC)

18. The Bachelor (ABC)

19. Brothers & Sisters (ABC)

20. Without A Trace (CBS)

2 Responses to “Ratings Roundup”

  1. artsybookworm Says:

    Great theme and banner for this blog. The ratings round-up is also a great idea, but I recommend either transcribing the movie rankings or inserting the screen-cap of the list with more proportional dimensions.


  2. scenescreen Says:

    Hey Tiago, if you click on the movie ratings you can view a larger, higher-res version of the image. Thanks for the feedback!

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