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Ugly Betty: The Musical…?

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File this as purely speculation for now, but Ugly Betty may be hitting Broadway. Michael Urie, who plays the wonderfully campy Marc St. James on the show, revealed that this hush-hush project may become a reality in the near future.

He told Dean Piper “I think it would be great and they should use the cast from the show. I think we would all do it although we maybe don’t dance and sing as well as professional singers and dancers. I think it would be fun for us to do it for a while and then they could get real people in.”

They might not need “real people” to come in with the likes of Vanessa Williams on the cast, who has a great set of pipes on her and has released a number of hit songs over the years. She even played an old witch in the stage production “The Woods”, looking just a little different than her power-suit wearing counterpart on Betty. Of course, I want to see the cast keep their focus on the show, so bringing in different people for the musical would probably be a good idea.

Urie also added that a musical episode of the show is probably in the works somewhere down the line. If any show lends itself to a musical episode, it’s this one, and I imagine when it happens it will be fantastic.

Would anyone be interested in seeing Ugly Betty as a musical or do you think it should stick to the screen? Discuss.


Something Random

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I’m skipping town for the weekend, so I thought I’d leave you with this memorizing little clip made up entirely from “Alice in Wonderland” audio and video clips. Everyone have a fun and safe Memorial Day weekend!

Ugly Betty (S02E18) “Jump”

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Grade: B+

I was anticipating the season finale of Ugly Betty tonight much more than the 2-hour Greys event, yet somehow I managed to miss the first 10 minutes. Did Lindsay Lohan appear in that time because I didn’t see her freckly face pop up during the rest of the show (which isn’t a bad thing). There was more than enough going on in Ugly Betty’s last hour of the season, including illegitimate children, high-fashion softball, family power struggles, and a healthy does of Betty-Henry-Gio (“Benrio”?) love-triangle angst.

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Kernels: “Once”

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Grade: A

Once is a simple, captivating, heartbreaking love story that can be summarized in a sentence, or two at most, but it is powerful and beautiful and touching and sweet and the list goes on. Of course it would be nothing without the music, which is extremely good. Glen Hansard (who plays “Guy”) and Marketa Irglova (”Girl”) have such raw, pure voices that every song near about gave me chills. Which is kind of rare. And when I say the movie is simple I mean there are no big, flashy choreographed dance numbers in this musical. It’s a musical, but not a Chicago or Moulin Rouge. The songs are usually just Guy and Girl singing in a room or maybe walking somewhere (nothing fancy) and yet four minutes of them just sitting in a room and singing their hearts out kept me thoroughly engrossed.

Though you don’t find out a whole lot about these characters, the brief snapshot you do get both leaves you wanting to know more while at the same time I felt content as the credits started to roll. The romance in Once is not really typical. Sure you have this guy, who had his heart broken by a woman, and this girl, who is sort of unavailable in many ways, and it seems like in any typical movie that they would meet, fall in love, consummate their love and walk off into the brilliant sunset. But here it’s different. I won’t go into details, since the plot is so simple I don’t want to ruin what little there is, but I think sometimes simple can be charmingly effective, which it is here.

The last thing I wanted to mention was the cinematography. It’s not real-high budget or anything, but I swear every frame of this movie could be frozen and viewed as a work of art. Each angle, close-up, etc….they’re all eye-catching and beautiful. In a quick screen grab of Guy you can see so many layers of emotion in his face (especially when he is singing) and behind Girl’s eyes you can see a side she won’t verbally speak of–a vulnerable side. That and the backdrop of Ireland, where the movie is set, is gorgeous. Makes me want to pack up and take a trip there.

Trailer after the cut.

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Kernels: “Persepolis”

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I’m going to occasionally post mini-reviews for things I’ve seen, but don’t have time to write in-depth about. I’m going to call these “Kernels”, and they’ll be fast, to-the-point takes on movies and TV shows with a grade (just like everything else). Remember, you can check out the grading scale to see just what any given rating means.

Grade: B+

I finally watched Persepolis after hearing such great things about it. This animated film is essentially the coming-of-age tale of an Iranian girl, coping with the historical problems plaguing her country as well as the universal problems all humans deal with, no matter where they’re from. The latter part of that is what makes this movie work so well, I think. Sure, the parts exploring the history of Tehran are interesting (though you will get a better history lesson elsewhere), but its the deeply human characters that bring this tale to life. Marjane Satrapi, the lead character, shares her name with the writer and director of this film because this is an autobiographical story, first penne din graphic novel format and now animated.

Speaking of the animation: When I first saw a trailer I was sort of unsure about it. The style is very cartoonish, and reminded me a little of those Matilda comics for some reason, and save for about 10 minutes (if that), the entire film is in black and white. But the animation is smooth and stylized in parts and the fact that it was b&w seemed to slip my mind after a bit. I thought the choice of style was interesting for a movie with such a serious story. It’s strange to see these events taking place in a cartoon style more fitting for a children’s story, but I think that’s part of the movie’s strange charm.

Come to think of it, this movie is pretty damn depressing. But sprinkled in throughout the bad is a lot of good, which mostly comes from Marjane’s interactions with her very close-knit family (especially her grandmother). No matter what happens to Marjane, she has that pillar of support in her life. The importance of family is most definitely at the heart of this film, or at least that’s what stood out most to me.

Oh and the best scene by far is Marjane singing an “Engrish” version of “Eye of the Tiger” in a cartoon-animated montage of sorts. Priceless.

There’s a trailer for anyone interested after the cut.

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Coming Soon: “The Fall”

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I’m really excited for Tarsem Singh’s The Fall. Really excited. The trailer is an absolutely magical series of colorful and imaginative images dancing around on the screen, and no matter how the rest of the movie turns out I would still pay to see this for the visuals alone. BUT Lee Pace, who I’ve admittedly developed a bit of a man-crush on after watching his work in Pushing Daisies, is starring in this film, which apparently has been in the works for four or so years now, filming in locations all around the world that Tarsem made note of in his many years of doing advertisements. But you judge for yourself.

Battlestar Galactica (S04E07): “Guess What’s Coming to Dinner?”

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Grade: A+

My mind is utterly frakked after what proved to be the most intense hour of Battlestar Galactica so far this season, with action and intrigue thrown at us from minute one all the way to the mind-bender of a cliffhanger. Yet, with so much crammed in, the hour passed at light speed.

The Demetrius and commandeered cylon base star are ready to jump back to the fleet, except that they’re just a little worried about what the reaction will be when Adama and crew see a toaster ship plop down right amongst them. Their betting it won’t be a hero’s welcome, so they decide they need to jump simultaneously. Of course, the FTL drive on The Demetrius conveniently messes up and the base star jumps into a terrified fleet, which instantly makes a call to arms and prepares to leave to a set of emergency coordinates. Except for some reason (he’sacylon) Tigh notices something that makes him put everyone on standby, and seconds later The Demetrius drags its tardy ass onto the scene. My question is: why couldn’t The Demetrius have jumped first, explained the bizarre situation, and then have the base star hop on in? I think the answer is that it wouldn’t have been near as tense because that scene was hella nerve wracking, manufactured or not.

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