Reality Bytes: I Love Money

Confession time.

I like trashy reality shows. No, I don’t like them more than quality, scripted ones, and no they will never replace those for me, but I watch and enjoy them still. Vh1 has become the go-to place for really raunchy, fun, drama-filled reality shows with their Celebreality lineup, with the biggest hits being Flavor of Love, I Love New York, and Rock of Love. Well, now some of the craziest, most memorable contestants from those “dating” shows are coming back, not to find love this time, but 250 thousand dollars in cash money.

I Love Money: The Challenge Show will begin airing on VH1 on June 12, with a casting special on June 5, and the super-skanky cast list is below, after the jump.

Rock of Love


Brandi C.


Megan Hauserman


I Love New York

12 Pack


Mr. Boston

The Entertainer




Midget Mac

Flavor of Love





You can go HERE to see pictures and such of the cast members, in case you’ve forgotten who any of them are.

Apparently Mo’Nique wasn’t able to whip Pumkin and Toastee into shape in Charm School, as they’re back for more fame-whoring. I’m wondering if this whole thing will be in the vein of Real World Road Rules Challenge, where the actual games take a backseat to the fighting, the hookups, and temper tantrums. I’m betting it will be.

I know I shouldn’t be…but I’m excited.

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