Battlestar Galactica (S04E07): “Guess What’s Coming to Dinner?”

Grade: A+

My mind is utterly frakked after what proved to be the most intense hour of Battlestar Galactica so far this season, with action and intrigue thrown at us from minute one all the way to the mind-bender of a cliffhanger. Yet, with so much crammed in, the hour passed at light speed.

The Demetrius and commandeered cylon base star are ready to jump back to the fleet, except that they’re just a little worried about what the reaction will be when Adama and crew see a toaster ship plop down right amongst them. Their betting it won’t be a hero’s welcome, so they decide they need to jump simultaneously. Of course, the FTL drive on The Demetrius conveniently messes up and the base star jumps into a terrified fleet, which instantly makes a call to arms and prepares to leave to a set of emergency coordinates. Except for some reason (he’sacylon) Tigh notices something that makes him put everyone on standby, and seconds later The Demetrius drags its tardy ass onto the scene. My question is: why couldn’t The Demetrius have jumped first, explained the bizarre situation, and then have the base star hop on in? I think the answer is that it wouldn’t have been near as tense because that scene was hella nerve wracking, manufactured or not.

So everyone is safe and sound…except for poor Gaeta, whose leg has seen better days and is preparing to venture into the world unattached to its owner for the first time. AKA: They took a bone saw to it and hacked that sucker clean off. He is plunged into a state of melancholy, or maybe just a drug-induced daze, and spends the rest of the episode singing a hauntingly beautiful song that plays through many of the emotional scenes. Roslin, Lee, Gaius and even a guilty looking Sam listen in on his mournful tune and all seem pretty close to bursting into tears. Who knew Gaeta had pipes like that. It’s unfortunate it took losing his leg to discover he has a future in musical theater.

Lee makes a return, finally, in a crisp suit that still seems awkward on his body (get him back in his pilot garb!), and he confronts Roslin about the apparent pact she’s made with the rebel cylons and the plan that’s been hatched. Yep, you heard it right. In about the first ten minutes of the hour, Adama, Roslin, Tigh, Kara and others meet with Natalie and the other rogue cylons to discuss a temporary alliance. Natalie knows where this thing called the Resurrection Hub is, which is apparently the big daddy of all resurrection ships. If it’s destroyed, the cylons will be unable to resurrect again and essentially be rendered mortal. Sweet deal. This makes the Galactica crew a little excited, but there’s an inevitable catch: Natalie wants them to unbox the model 3, destroy the hub, find the final 5, and be allowed to go with them and leave unharmed. They strike the deal, return to their own ships, and immediately begin forming plots to stab each other in the backs.

Back to Lee. He says the quorum isn’t happy with the alliance, and why should they be? The cylons destroyed their lives, after all, and putting any amount of trust in them at this point would be a hard thing for any of the humans to do. Even Roslin, who agreed to the deal, isn’t planning on keeping her word to them. But she decides to give the quorum something to ease their anxieties, and she brings in Natalie to speak with them. She gives a kick ass speech, but wins no brownie points amongst the quorum for it, and returns to her ship, realizing how hypocritical it is to expect the humans to trust them when they’re planning on double-crossing them in the near future. She tells Boomer and Leoben she wants to call the plan off, but they say it’s too late. She won’t have that and marches to the Galactica to confess, or something.

Meanwhile, a nasty rumor is spreading about Roslin sharing dreams with the cylons. It’s not a rumor at all, as we all know, but she wants to get to the bottom of it. She’s figured out that Tory is knocking boots with Gaius and she calls her out on it. Tory admits her infatuation with his teachings and hairy chest and apolgizes for not telling Roslin sooner, but it’s too late. Roslin delivers the quote of the episode when she demands Tory find out some information about the rumor, whether she’s “down on [her] knees praying all night or just down on [her] knees.” You tell that cylon skank, Roslin! Tory skips right on into Gaius bed, but isn’t exactly in the mood for sex. She shows that she still has some human-ish emotions as she feels very betrayed that Gaius leaked that rumor about Roslin, but he says it’s no rumor at all and he only released it because he felt she needed to have her power put in check. While Tory and Gaius are busy arguing in the buff, Kara makes a visit to the president and reveals to her what the hybrid did to her last episode about the dying leader and the opera house. Roslin’s face turns ten shades whiter and seems on the verge of screaming “Get out of my mind!” Instead, she insists Kara take her to meet the hybrid. Oh, and she forces Gaius along for the ride as well.

Roslin wasn’t the only one having the opera house dream again this episode. Caprica six turns in her sleep as does Athena, who watches her baby Hero run into the arms of Natalie-Six and vanish through a brightly-lit doorway with an awaiting Baltar. She wakes up in a sweat and is greeted by the super creepy, black head of curls named Hera who simply says “Bye, Bye!”. She doesn’t actually go bye bye right away, though, but sticks around long enough to fill up an entire notebook with drawings of a blond-haired lady and the number 6 spammed over and over again. Athena would have rather her drawn ponies or rainbows or anything besides what she did, but when she goes to ask Hera what the pictures are about, she’s gone.

Athena loses her shit and runs around the Galactica screaming for Hera. When she finally finds her, it’s with Natalie-Six, who’s just about to pick the little girl up in a vey similar fashion to the dream. Athena loses her shit part two. She pulls a gun on Natalie and screams for someone to grab the child, and as soon as Hera is taken a safe distance away, she unloads several bullets into Natalie’s chest, reminiscent of when Boomer shot the hell out of Adama oh so many episodes ago. For anyone mourning over Natalie’s death, there’s apparently a quick shot of her still alive and kicking in the preview for the next episode, so hold out faith!

Gaeta, by the way, is still singing. Someone get the guy some water–his throat must be parched.

At the same time, over on the base star, the fleet’s new toy, Roslin and her posse plug the hybrid back in and the first and only thing it screams is: JUMP!

And who says bald, white girls can’t jump?

Holy frak. No. Holy f***!


One Response to “Battlestar Galactica (S04E07): “Guess What’s Coming to Dinner?””

  1. Good analysis. This was episode s04e07 though.

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