Ugly Betty: The Musical…?

File this as purely speculation for now, but Ugly Betty may be hitting Broadway. Michael Urie, who plays the wonderfully campy Marc St. James on the show, revealed that this hush-hush project may become a reality in the near future.

He told Dean Piper “I think it would be great and they should use the cast from the show. I think we would all do it although we maybe don’t dance and sing as well as professional singers and dancers. I think it would be fun for us to do it for a while and then they could get real people in.”

They might not need “real people” to come in with the likes of Vanessa Williams on the cast, who has a great set of pipes on her and has released a number of hit songs over the years. She even played an old witch in the stage production “The Woods”, looking just a little different than her power-suit wearing counterpart on Betty. Of course, I want to see the cast keep their focus on the show, so bringing in different people for the musical would probably be a good idea.

Urie also added that a musical episode of the show is probably in the works somewhere down the line. If any show lends itself to a musical episode, it’s this one, and I imagine when it happens it will be fantastic.

Would anyone be interested in seeing Ugly Betty as a musical or do you think it should stick to the screen? Discuss.

2 Responses to “Ugly Betty: The Musical…?”

  1. nakedculture Says:


    the blog that bares all

  2. Anonymous Says:

    i love DANIEL

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