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Dream Music | Marc Donahue and Sean Michael Williams

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My friend Kat sent this my way and it’s pretty staggeringly awesome that they’ve done this all in stop motion. The music is real nice, too.

More about Dream Music:

“Dream Music” is a project consisting of two stop motion music video performed by two masters of the genre:Marc Donahue and Sean Michael Williams. Each clip is impressive, mixing with stop motion the technique of lyric-lapsing, which is to synchronize the lips on words, which is incredibly difficult, especially when each music video represents more than 15,000 pictures, and every few seconds sequences requires between 6h and 8h of work… Awesome.



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I’m working hard to make this a site people want to visit and to write reviews that keep people coming back for more. So in my pursuit of keeping up the best blog possible, I thought I’d get a little feedback from anyone willing to help. Take just a few seconds to weigh in on the polls below and if there is a concern or an idea you have for this site that doesn’t fit in there, leave me a comment. Thanks in advance. I will be taking any opinions very seriously.

Pushing Daisies (S02E02): “Circus Circus”

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Grade: A

For two weeks in a row now, Pushing Daisies has delivered fantastic hours of TV, and for two weeks even Ned’s magical powers have proved not enough to revive the show’s sinking ratings. But putting aside the numbers for this wonderful, dare I say brilliant, show, “Circus Circus” is an all all around winner, with a stronger mystery than the last and an overarching theme of new beginnings being both scary and exhilarating that ties everything together with a pretty ribbon.

For the characters of Pushing Daisies, the time has come to move out of the comfortable bubbles they’ve created for themselves and make fresh starts. Aunts Lily and Vivian have become shut-ins, but must ease themselves back into the world. Emmerson has done everything to escape the memories of his missing wife and daughter, but must finally begin to embrace them. Olive admits she still loves the Pie Maker, but knows she can’t go back to daily dancing around that fact and pretending his unrequited affections do not faze her. And, most importantly, Chuck and Ned have to step outside the world they’ve created together–one that revolves solely around each other–and build their own lives, not only as a couple but as individuals. Pushing Daisies manages to take the single theme of new beginnings and weave it throughout the episode without it feeling heavy handed in addition to giving yet another excellent whodunit case full of mimes, clowns and exploding cannons (oh my!).

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Sorry I haven’t updated in a bit. I got super busy near the end of the TV season and never got around to writing about some of the shows I wanted to cover. So now I’ve decided just to wait until the new TV season hits to start back up. I may post some interesting news topics or other stuff now and then, but I’ll get back into full swing when the fall season hits. Hopefully we can avoid another strike and have a lovely, uninterrupted season of television goodness.

’til then,


Something Random

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I’m skipping town for the weekend, so I thought I’d leave you with this memorizing little clip made up entirely from “Alice in Wonderland” audio and video clips. Everyone have a fun and safe Memorial Day weekend!

Dusting off the screen

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This blog was started and promptly abandoned after being created for a critical writing class at UGA. However, I’ve decided to turn the power back on and begin posting here again. However, this time it will just be me posting rather than a whole host of contributors.

I’m going to try and talk about the tv shows I watch (which will obviously be a narrower selection since I’m only one person) and the movies I see. I’ll also post any other random related topics, like ratings, casting news, exciting new shows and upcoming movies etc.

So take a seat, roll the film and enjoy.