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Chuck (S02E03): “Chuck Versus the Break-Up”

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Grade: B+

As if Chuck believed it was unable to woo me any further, episode three opened with a song by The National and closed with one of my favorite tracks from Bon Iver’s brilliant album. Right, so an episode of TV isn’t made by its song selection, but it gets serious cool points nonetheless. As far as the actual episode, “Chuck Versus the Break Up” is probably my least favorite of the season, but it’s still a thoroughly enjoyable time spent with TVs most huggable character.

I didn’t get around to writing about last week’s “Chuck Versus the Seduction”, but Chuck’s moves are considerably less smooth this week, thanks to the reappearance of Sarah’s ex-partner and continuous thorn in Chuck’s side, Bryce Larkin. His return puts the stops on Chuck and Sarah’s romance and makes them both begin to question the costs their feelings might have. Sarah is making choices based around Chuck and possibly compromising her ability as a spy while Chuck is pouring drinks in the laps of the rich and dangerous and dropping whole bottles of $1000 wine.

Chuck is not your average spy, with smooth moves and crazy gadgets, and he doesn’t introduce himself last name first (Bartowski. Chuck Bartowski), but he still proves he has the potential to be a spy of his own defining; one that’s a whole lot more amusing to watch. While he isn’t a real spy, he’s also not your typical bumbling one, with skills hidden beneath a layer of ineptness and social awkwardness. Instead, he’s a very normal guy that uses some quick thinking and parts of his own personality to get himself out of tricky situations. In the premiere it was the Call of Duty gag, where he convinced a group of seasoned killers that an elaborate online game strategy was actually a real one.Then last week he managed to seduce a deadly killer, at least partly, using a sprinkling of advice from a seasoned playboy spy and a lot of his own brand of sweet talk. However, in the newest case he’s assigned to pose as a waiter while Bryce and Sarah pretend to be a married couple, and watching them dance and lock lips and generally feel each other up proves to be just a little too much for him to handle.

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Chuck (S02E01): “Chuck Versus the First Date”

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Grade: A

I casually caught a few episodes from Chuck’s shortened first season and enoyed what I saw, but after hearing internet rumblings that the new season was amazing, even being compared to my favorite current show Pushing Daisies, I had to give it a look for myself. And the buzz was right, because Chuck’s season premiere is what all those comic spy movies wish they could be.

If, like me, you weren’t a religious follower of the show thus far, don’t worry. The recap near the beginning was more than enough to set me straight with who was who and what was going on, and after that brief recap the series glides into a new arc, that seemingly sets the stage for some big changes to come.

Zachary Levi is that kind of guy that’s a little geeky, but can easily get any hot chick he wants, and I sort of envy, admire, and hate him for that at the same time. If I were to list my TV man crushes (and there is no shame in having a couple of ’em), I’d say he might be number two on the list, right after Lee Pace. Not all shows these days have great lead characters, and often times I find myself drawn more to the supporting cast, but Chuck is the name of this show for good reason, because Levi delivers in every scene. Also, his faux/real flame, CIA agent Sarah Walker, played by the beautiful, but hard to pronounce Yvonne Strahovski, makes for nice eye candy throughout, whether she’s filling up your screen wearing only bra and panties or scissor kicking the crap out of evil villains. And the rest of the cast is charming as well, though I can only stand so much of Chuck’s long time pal and co-worker, Morgan.

The story for season wastes very little time kicking off the parking break after a writer’s strike induced hiatus, and details of the episode can be found below.

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